Education Sector

Entrepreneurial Education is vital as school education has become highly competitive world over because of scientific and technological developments. Motivation is the energy that makes students to achieve goals. Depending on how students are motivated, it may further determine the effort students put into their work and therefore perform better, achieve goals and become leader in the study and career. Entrepreneurial education can demonstrate better and positive results. Parents and students expectations have also become demanding innovative new approaches so that students can become achievers, high performers and imbibe leadership traits. This enormous challenge has created opportunities to find more efficient and effective ways of ensuring that all students receive a high-quality entrepreneurial education.

Business Schools are the laboratories and engines for growth of entrepreneurship development where in students, faculty members, Directors and promoters should work together to speed up the entrepreneurship movement. At present many business schools in Asia-Pacific Region have not come up to that expectations and need to reorient themselves.

This emerging concern of school education and business schools has given scope to Asia Pacific EDI to work in the thematic area of entrepreneurial education.

Latest News

  • Asia Pacific EDI is providing training support to Epic Research Pvt. Ltd. which is a leading financial services provider with presence in global capital markets
  • Asia Pacific EDI is providing technical support to Ecorys India Pvt. Ltd. in implementing “Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Budding Indian Women Entrepreneurs in India” project supported by the Government of Netherlands
  • Asia Pacific EDI is conducting in-house Superstar Camp on TALENT (Training for Achievement, Leadership and Entrepreneurship – Needs & Techniques) for the students (16-20 years age group) of Aryan Public School, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Asia Pacific EDI is conducting Psychometric Test for Personality Development and Career Planning for the students (16-20 years age group) of Aryan Public School, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh