Asia Pacific EDI has a strong and sincere commitment to foster entrepreneurship movement in Asia among all the segments of society as well as in all areas i.e. corporate entrepreneurship, family businesses entrepreneurship, new venture & start-up entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, social entrepreneurship, Livelihood promotion and social development through its programmes of training, academic, research, publications, project management and consulting. For this purpose, Asia Pacific EDI will establish a small but beautiful residential campus in India and recruit excellent human resource.

The total project costs for this establishment works out about US$ 2 Million. Asia Pacific EDI is looking forward to generous individuals and organizations who can provide support in this endeavour. Each and every single pie will count a lot for it. Donors will get tax benefits under different sections of Income Tax Act of India. Interested donors from India and abroad can contact to the President of Asia Pacific EDI at

Latest News

  • Asia Pacific EDI is providing training support to Epic Research Pvt. Ltd. which is a leading financial services provider with presence in global capital markets
  • Asia Pacific EDI is providing technical support to Ecorys India Pvt. Ltd. in implementing “Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Budding Indian Women Entrepreneurs in India” project supported by the Government of Netherlands
  • Asia Pacific EDI is conducting in-house Superstar Camp on TALENT (Training for Achievement, Leadership and Entrepreneurship – Needs & Techniques) for the students (16-20 years age group) of Aryan Public School, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Asia Pacific EDI is conducting Psychometric Test for Personality Development and Career Planning for the students (16-20 years age group) of Aryan Public School, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh